Healing in your life

Healing starts with the spirit.  God is invited into the healing process with
prayer.  Plants can be used to help heal the spirit.  Then the body can be
healed with plants, heat therapy, and other techniques.  Healing can occur
anywhere, at home or even in a hospital.  
How can you start learning about healing?

My 2014 talk and hike schedule - April 17 7 PM Pitzer College Claremont,
April 26 Mt San Antonio College Earth Day, May 10 9 AM Deukmejian Park La
Crescenta, May 13 7 PM Santa Monica CNPS,
May 14 - 16 Miami
International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine, May 18 Ojai with
Lanny Kaufer,
May 24 9 AM Rosemont Preserve La Crescenta, June 22 9 AM
King Gillette Ranch Calabasas.

If you want to invite me, Jim Adams, to talk to your group, my email is
jadams@usc.edu.  My talks and hikes are not done for free.  
Abedus Press
Wouldn't it be great if there was a book on healing with plants that had
large, full color photographs of each plant?  The book should be written by
an American Indian Healer with years of experience.  The book should be
coauthored by a Professor of Pharmacology who explains uses and
possible dangers of each plant.  

Such a book exists, "Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West - Cultural and
Scientific Basis for their Use" and is available on line on page 2.  Or you can
order the third edition from Abedus Press, PO Box 8018, La Crescenta, CA,
91224.  Each book costs $23.52 in California, or $21.95 outside California.  
The price includes tax and shipping.
Abedus Press
Our book will help you in your healing
We've been helping others to heal for many
Write us at PO Box 8018, La
Crescenta, CA 91224
Cecilia Garcia and Jim Adams wrote several articles
on healing for Wildernss Way.  You may save these
articles onto your computer for free by right clicking
your mouse on the PDF of each file.

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