Healing with medicinal plants is available as a hard copy at the
button below.  The fourth edition is revised with many new
photographs and a new section on disease prevention.

Abedus Press has published "Healing with Medicinal Plants of the
West - Cultural and Scientific Basis for their Use Fourth Edition."  

Plants have been used in healing for thousands of years and
should be used today in healing.  This book will help you learn
about healing and using plants in healing.

James Adams is an Associate Professor at the University of
Southern California, School of Pharmacy.  He is an expert on
medicinal plants and was trained for 14 years by a Chumash
Indian Healer.  Michelle Wong is an acupuncturist, herbalist and
Healer in the Chumash tradition.  Enrique Villasenor is learning
Chumash Healing.

The book contains 118 plants with a color photograph of each
plant.  You will also find a description of each plant, traditional uses
of each plant, scientific basis for the use of each plant and
recommendations for the safe use of each plant.  The book is fully
referenced and indexed.  The
fourth edition book is available by
clicking the button to the right or by sending $26.00 (in California) or
$23.95 (outside California) to Abedus Press, PO Box 8018, La
Crescenta, CA 91224.
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Medicinal Plants of the West fourth edition" by
Adams. Wong and Villasenor.  This is the Hard Copy
of the book.